Scissor Caddy

Scissor Caddy Testimonial

JR Crafter’s handmade scissor caddy, has been bringing many stitchers and other crafters, peace of mind throughout the years.

Knowing everything is right by your side and is staying in its place can be quite comforting. The caddy’s compact design and shape lends itself to staying out of the way, but still holding plenty.

Here is what one of our customers had to say about the slanted top of the caddy:

“…it makes each implement easy to take in and out and really shows off my beautiful laying tool.”
– Susan in Washington

It is all right there, providing easy access to your necessary tools for your current project.

Whether it be:

Your Scissor Caddy Is Crafted Over A Four Hour Process…..

Each caddy starts with a selection of exotic woods such as Bloodwood and Marblewood to Purpleheart and Canarywood to form a lovely pattern. Whether the selection is for an individual caddy or a run of 10, much time alone is spent mixing and matching the squares of wood to find a complementary pattern. Each of these squares are various thicknesses that have been pre-cut from much larger blocks and planks of wood.

After a pattern is finalized, each square must be wood glued and then clamped under pressure for around 24 hours before it can start to be worked with. Then, excess wood is trimmed to form a cube that is then drilled, ruler slot cut and corners rounded on the bandsaw before it heads to the lathe.
Once on the lathe, the caddy is turned into the round shape you are familiar with by now. After the right shape is achieved, an initial sanding provides the foundation of an ultra smooth finish that is to come from the follow steps.

Up to 5 coats of lacquer will be applied to each caddy depending on weather conditions and how much of the finishing liquid is absorbed by the wood. After each coat is dried, it is then sanded to ensure a smooth layer buffing out any scratches or imperfections that have show through the high gloss finish.

Before the magnet is installed and the bottom of the caddy finished, each caddy is hand rubbed by Jack for about 30 minutes to give the final product its shiny and glossy, yet baby butt smooth finish.

What You Wouldn’t Normally Expect…..

Lay your needle on the side of the caddy and watch as the built in magnet pulls it tight to the wood, making sure your needles stay right where you put them.

On top of making sure your tools and needles are safe and ready to go for you, we make sure tabletops are protected with a felt underside. This ensures a stable footing while you are taking items in and out of the caddy and will leave work surfaces the way you found them.

Here is what one of our customers had to say about it:

“Just as advertised and very handy for the serious embroiderer. Beautiful wood and I like the felt padding underneath – it keeps the minder on the table and doesn’t scratch it.”
– Julian in Canada

Measurements and Details…..

The size of the caddy is about 3″ wide, 1 3/4″ high on the front and 2 3/8″ high on the backside.

  • Two Holes Large Enough to Fit  Most JR Crafter Tools
  • Slant Design for Ease of Access to Your Tools
  • Built-In Magnet to Hold Needles
  • Built-In Ruler Holder
  • Felt Underpadding to Keep Work Surfaces Protected

How to Order….

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