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Oasis Crochet Hook

Oasis Crochet Hook

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Do you have a crochet hook that you use more than anything else and wouldn’t mind being able to find it a lot easier? 

Ever get nicks or burs on your crochet hook from it rubbing up against other items in your bag?

Do they ever get bent?

Do your hands ever start cramping up just when you are really getting into a rhythm and starting to enjoy yourself in a project?

Does arthritis or tendinitis make it difficult to grip that skinny little hook longer than about 10 minutes?

Things like that really start to take the fun out of things, don’t they?

Here at JR Crafter, we took all of those things into mind when we created our crochet tool design. 

We take your average metal crochet hook and turn it into a beautifully handy crochet tool by giving it a nicely contoured handle for lasting comfort along with a screw on cap that turns both pieces into its own, solid case!

The thickness and shape of the handle, helps keep hand fatigue and cramping down to a minimum even after prolonged use. 

Watermelon Crochet Hook

Watermelon Crochet Hook

The your choice in size crochet hook is epoxied into the handle, ensuring an ever lasting bond.

The thickness that the handle provides, keeps hand fatigue and cramping down to a minimum even after prolonged use!

The case protects the hook and any belonging stored around it, from getting nicks, burs and rub spots.
Just gently screw the top on the handle and you are ready to go!

Throw it into any bag without care of it being damaged when in its case.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about crushing this case either.

The Details….

The handle and case is created from a piece of acrylic or wood of your choice, giving it a lovely effect similar to what you can see in the pictures.

The cap is about 3″ long, the handle is generally 2″ long and the hook usually is 2 1/4″ longer than the handle.
Choose any hook from UK 16 – 7 steel / US 1.50 mm  to US G/6 4.25mm size.

Rainbow Crochet Hook

Rainbow Crochet Hook

(Crochet hooks smaller than 1.5 mm can be ordered under tatting tools.)                               
We generally use Susan Bates crochet hooks in our tools, but if you have a brand you are more comfortable with, just send us a note and we will see what we can do to get it for you.

We have a variety of color options to choose from which can be found here:            

Grape Fury Crochet Hook

Don’t see a color you want your new tool in on any of the charts?

Just choose “Color of Your Choice” option and leave us a note on the order with the color or pattern you are looking for and we’ll do our best to match it!

If we don’t have a color on hand, it will take about a week for us to get it in and another day to make it up and get it ready to
send out to you.

Upon request, we will sand down one side of the case to help make sure your new tool won’t roll far when placed down on the table!

How To Order….Grape Fury Crochet Hook

          1. Click the link below that says “Order on Etsy”
             and it will take you to our shop’s crochet section
          2. Click on the listing of the color you would like
            (choose “Color of Your Choice” if you don’t see your color for sale)
          3. Choose your new tool’s hardware finish and hook size
          4. Click “Add to Cart”

Be the first in your guild or out of your friends that has a wonderful tool such as this, just don’t leave it unattended around them!! :)

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