The Best Laying Tool – A Needle Pointer’s Dream Tool

Oasis Best Laying Tool

Oasis Best Laying Tool

These attractive laying tools are NOT

for the average embroider!

At the heart of each one of these tools, is Shay Pendray’s famous BLT or Best Laying Tool.

The Best Laying Tool is the American version of the Japanese “tekobari.” A sharp metal tool that is generally used for laying flat and keeping taught the silk threads that are used in Japanese silk embroidery.

This tool is just as effective on any kind of embroidery thread, even the standard cotton types. With its sharp and tapered point, this laying tool works great as a stiletto when you are in a pinch to enlarge a few holes in your canvas.

The shaft of the needle is very smooth, allowing your threads to move easily over the metal surface as you work them into place and keep them firmly in order.

When you find yourself in situation where you need to keep your threads parallel and smooth for a pattern, the Best Laying Tool is just the thing you need.

If you don’t find yourself doing this kind of detail work on a regular basis, this tool may not be right for you.


Is Arthritis Slowing Your Needlework Down?

If you have any sort of hand fatigue, you know how difficult using anything smaller than your pinkie finger can be for an extended period of time. Especially when you have to do some of the most tedious of tasks in needlepoint, under magnification.

The design of the Best Laying Tool works well for not rolling around, but it can quickly turn itself into not being the most comfortable thing in your hand after a while.

When the Best Laying Tool is permanently set inside one of our beautiful handles, you will have a much more pleasant and larger surface to grip. This makes for a more comfortable stitching session, while laying your  threads into their prescribed patterns with ease.

What Janet Say About Her Laying Tool....

The Cap Keeps Everything Safe

Purple Haze Laying Tool

Purple Haze Laying Tool

When putting the normal BLT away, many people will store the tool in the little tube the
needle originally comes in. They put the tiny red cap on the tube on to hopefully keep everything secure.

The problem is, the poor tool wiggles around in the tube, dulling the point with each bump and swing of the stitching bag.

Worse yet, the little red cap can become loose and the laying tool goes stabbing
through anything in its path…..

We take care of these issues with the cap of your new tool.

Made from the same piece of acrylic as the handle, the twist on cap is the perfect match in pattern. With the cap having the same solid construction, it is almost like another handle protecting the tip of the tool inside.

With the Best Laying Tool permanently secured to the handle, there is no wiggling around inside it’s new home. So there is no chance of getting nicks and burrs between uses.

With the cap screwed onto the handle, you won’t have to question if you or anything in your bag is going to have holes poked in it. Screw on the cap, throw it in your bag and forget it, it’s not going to poke or scratch anything with that sharp tip now!


Here’s What One Of The Stars Of Embroidery Had To Say About Hers

Mary Corbet and Her Laying Tool

When your new laying tool arrives, you’ll most likely find yourself finishing up your current piece quickly and promptly starting the next project. The parts that were a pain, now seem a lot easier with your new tool and more comfortable too!

Whether you have arthritis or not, you should find that your new tool makes your thread laying much easier and more comfortable than ever.


The Details…

Water Laying Tool

Water Laying Tool

The handle and case are created from a single piece of wood or acrylic of your choice, which have lovely effects similar to what you can see in the pictures.

Both the cap and handle are about 2.5″ long and the BLT sticks out from the handle just shy of 2.5”.

We have a variety of color options to choose from which can be found here:

Don’t see a color you want your new tool in on any of the charts?

Just choose “Color of Your Choice” option in our Etsy shop and leave us a note on the order with the color or wood you are looking for and we’ll do our best to match it!

If we don’t have your choice in stock, it will generally take about a week for us to get it in and get it ready to send out to you.

Upon request, we will sand down one side of the case to help make sure your new tool won’t roll far when placed down on the table!


Makes A Great Gift!

Many of our customers come back time and time again to order 2,3 or even 5 more laying tools. Not only for themselves, but as gifts for birthdays and holidays to their friends and family.

If you know a stitcher’s favorite color, you’re going to have a special place in someone’s heart after they receive one of these tools.

They’ll surely be wide-eyed as a child on Christmas when they receive their new, beautifully handy tool for stitching! They are sure to be the envy of their guild.


Our 60-Day, Money Back Guarantee

We know there are plenty of things out there for a needle worker to buy and never get much use from it.

Whether it is that pink silk floss you swore you’d use or that fancy head lamp that you need a forklift to put on… you’re tired of wasting money on things that don’t work, aren’t practical or don’t live up to expectations! No one wants to make a stupid mistake with hard earned money.

We get it and we don’t want any of our customers to ever regret owning one of our products.

Once you order your tool, use it for 60 days. Use it on your normal tasks and see if they don’t seem to go easier. Compare the way you work your new tool to the old way and feel which one is more comfortable.

If your new laying tool doesn’t quickly become your favorite item in your stitching bag, return it to us within those 60 days and we’ll refund your full purchase price. No questions asked.

We’ve had so many of our customers rave about our tools for years and come back to order more for themselves and for friends, we know that you are going to love your new tool as well!


How To Order….

  1. Click the link below that says “Order on Etsy” and it will take you to our shop’s laying tool section
  2. Click on the listing of the color you would like (choose “Color of Your Choice” if you don’t see your color for sale)
  3. Choose your new tool’s hardware finish (gold or chrome)
  4. Click “Add to Cart”

Be the first in your guild or out of your friends that has a beautifully handy laying tool such as this. Just don’t leave it unattended around them!!

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