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We are a family business creating beautifully handy crafting products for our customers. Putting our crafts to work, making your passions that much more enjoyable.

JR Crafter got it’s start when Jack added a new addition to his shop and woodworking repertoire, a lathe. He started turning pieces of beautiful wood and acrylics into delightful gifts and challenging projects. Looking for brownie points, Jack decided to challenge himself to make lovely items that would be useful to his wife of 43 years in all her needle crafting endeavors. Out of that decision came wonderful products you see today.

Of course, knowing how much she used it, he decided to make a wonderful gift that incorporated one of Elaine’s favorite tools, Shay Pendray’s famous Best Laying Tool.
Elaine couldn’t have been happier. She loved how it felt in her hand when she used it.

So much easier to grip, not having to worry about poking herself while getting it out of the little tube it came in originally. Knowing that the security of the cap protected all of her goods in her stitching bag as well as the tip made it a winner. Feeling good in hand for a prolonged period of time and good looking to boot, instantly made this her new favorite way to work with thread!

Her new BLT, hand turned wooden laying tool, needle cases and scissor caddy made her to jewel of the ball, if you will, at her guild meetings, classes and retreats. Pretty soon the requests came in and Jack had a new hobby that was a great addition to his new routine of being tired….. err, retired (Bah-zing from the whipper snapper).

Around the same time Jack started to make the stitches supplies, John started venturing into wood turning himself, making pens became a relaxing way to spend spare time and yet another wonderful resource that his father has imparted to him.

About a year and a half ago, the idea came up to start selling to more than the local gals and make a go of seeing what the rest of the world had to think about what we had to “say” if you will. Elaine was on board for being a wonderful guinea pig and adviser to the needle crafting world, since the guys were totally clueless.

And, well…. here we are wrapping our heads around the whole Etsy thing after getting Ebay down pat. And we tell you what, we are tickled pink with this site and all of you folks that make it is what it is. But hey, it’s a bunch of crafty people, what’s better than that, right? Well……….a dozen of Kathy’s Sweet Treats Gluten Free Stuffed Cupcakes sitting in front of you, but we digress :)

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